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Our vision is to assist youth and young adults in the Madison, WI area learn about business by becoming entrepreneurs. With your potential in mind, we bet on you as we bet on ourselves, guiding you on a road to self-employment and success.

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Core Value

Value and develop independent contractors’ diverse talents, initiative, and leadership

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Core Value

Enrich the current economic system with young and diverse business owners

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Core Value

Support and educate entrepreneurs of color breaking into the business world

Here To Give Back

Here & Now Snacks provides young people a first hand entrepreneurship experience by assisting with the establishment of local snack based businesses. As more young individuals desire to become self-employed many face three main challenges; a lack of coaching, resources, and systematic knowledge. Having to learn the hard way, I want to apply my mistakes to others' success. Franchising the name Here & Now Snacks, I offer not starting from scratch by providing branding, logistical support, and legalities with the bonus of offering co-ownership, personal coaching, and assistance securing funding. Always wanting to be self-employed but never having anyone give me a chance, currently having my own platform I want to give others the chance I was never afforded.

Buying Black is Buying Better

Taking care of your needs as we would our own community. We guarantee reliable machines with fresh and affordable snacks. Listening to your organization we offer a customized experience with the added bonus of knowing that you are supporting Black.

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Elijah Holmes 

From: Madison, WI


BA in Psychology at the University of Madison (WI)



Leadership, Youth work, Management, Communication, Finance, Problem-solving, Critical thinking


Entrepreneurship, Youth Empowerment, Black Liberation, Education, Music​

Favorite Quote

"The failure to invest in youth reflects a lack of compassion and a colossal failure of common sense"  

- Coretta Scott King


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